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Saving Red Wolf art print

Saving Red Wolf art print

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Show your support of Red Wolf Week with a limited-edition art print from Yoke Bauer DiGiorgio! 

This beautiful piece is printed on 11x14 archival quality paper and are numbered in this limited edition run. 

Yoke’s work tells stories of the human connection to wildlife and the natural environment through drawing, publications, art and photography, multimedia projects and collaborations with other wildlife, environmental, and not-for-profit organizations.   Former projects include co-founder of the former Delaware Valley Eagle Alliance (a 501 (C)(3) NFP), producer and organizer of the award winning EagleFest in NYS (one of the largest and longest running eagle festivals in the northeast), and co-founder and editor of Nature's Newsletter (an online publication).    

Yoke is currently working on ‘Drawing Wildlife of the Americas’, a project to draw 50+ wildlife species of the Americas for an upcoming book. All species are drawn on a white background thereby bringing each to the forefront and strengthening their voice.

“My drawings are inspired by my lifelong commitment to wildlife preservation and providing wildlife a voice. My medium is graphite.  Using the simplicity of black and white, I strive for a 'true-to-life' representation of each species I draw while also creating expressiveness and graceful form.

I was so inspired to create this drawing, ‘SAVING RED WOLF’.  Today, the red wolf (Canis rufus) is the world's most endangered canid, occupying only five counties in North Carolina.  An endangered species under the Endangered Species Act, US Fish and Wildlife estimates current populations to be: Known/collared (wild) - 13; Total estimate (wild) - 23-25; and Red Wolf SAFE (captive) - 269.”  

Every drawing has a story to tell.

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