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ANIMAN® Two Wolves Bracelet

ANIMAN® Two Wolves Bracelet

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One feisty, the other serene; one all-out, the other all-together; one salt and pepper, the other vanilla cream - as much as they were different, Ambassador Wolves Zephyr and Alawa’s personalities fit together like hand and glove.  This bracelet remembers them, siblings who, together with their little brother Nikai, taught millions of people, in person or via webcam, the true, loving and spirited nature of wolves.  The bracelet is black and gray on one side, variegated beige on the other, the two halves joined by a silver-plated pewter paw print bead flanked by labradorite, golden obsidian, and African opal gemstone beads and hand-braided ribbons and cords. 

All sales go to the WCC; no animal products were used in this bracelet. Available in sizes XS (6.5”)-8.5”(XL).

Our stock of Animan jewelry is limited and if your item is not in stock, it may need to be custom made (2-3 weeks). Let us know if your order is urgent and we will expedite the process.

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