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Limited Edition Signed Print & Pen Bundle

Limited Edition Signed Print & Pen Bundle

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This bundle includes a set of Zebra Pen illustration tools and a limited edition signed art print by Brooklyn-based artist Guno ParkBring your artwork to life with this bundle including the favorite Zebra Pen illustration tools of the artist! 

Items included in this bundle:

Limited edition "Red Wolf" signed art print - 11"x14" artwork print of Guno Park's red wolf portrait. Each print is signed and numbered by Guno Park. 

F-301 Retractable Ballpoint (2 pack) includes an oil-based black ink that allows for thick and thin lines with pressure while drawing.

F-701 Retractable Ballpoint includes the same oil-based black ink as the F-301 but incorporates a heavier barrel and textured grip for a secure hold while drawing.

Zensations Brush Pen includes a flexible brush nib with a rich black water-based pigment ink that is excellent for illustration and lettering. 

Mildliner Double Ended Creative Markers includes a chisel and bullet tip in one pen.  A soft muted ink provides the perfect pop of color.   Great for highlighting, illustration, and writing. 

Mildliner Double Ended Brush Pen features a flexible brush and bullet tip in one pen that can be used for lettering.  The soft muted ink is ideal for shadows in illustration. 

This is a limited-edition bundle! Only 100 will be sold!

Check out the timelapse of Guno Park creating the original illustration!

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